About us


We are premium innovative building beautification provider.


We are a knowledge center of the materials used in the building decoration for architects and project owners in Northeast Thailand and Laos PDR.

We will develop our professional team, products, installation techniques to meet international standard.

We are the best facade installation in Northeast Thailand and Laos PDR.


Our company employed over 50 construction professionals who has expertise, knowledge, and skill in making the wisely appropriated decision to challenging the building problems. We assure that our customer get the highest quality standard and the reliability from our well-trained professional team. We are truly a one-stop-solution provider. Whether you are dealing with new construction, renovation or remodeling projects, we are ready and preeminently qualified to help.


KAYNE policy has always been to build a lasting relationship of trust and reliablity with our customer. We do our best to meet the dlivery time line at the most competitive cost. With our 40 years experiences of success, we have lots of well-known construction firms using our services. Kayne has built a reputation with leading these architects, construction managers, general building contractors, developers, and home owners in all part of the country. We are also cative in both government works and in the private sectors. We’re looking forward to maintaining a consistent commitment to work closely with all parties to deliver top values to our customer.